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Some lawyers in Santa Cruz California, like some lawyers all over the country, specializing in DUI cases. DUI is the term used for driving under the influence of alcohol and in California, it is responsible for more arrests by the police than any other infringement of the laws. A DUI lawyer Santa Cruz CA will know all the procedures police there are supposed to go through in order to make a legal arrest for a Dui offense and so they can quickly spot when certain policemen deviate from those legal procedures and that alone is often enough to get their clients off all the charges or if not, forces at least the more serious aspects of the charges to be dropped.

It depends on the circumstances of the arrest how seriously Dui charges are taken but they can be taken very seriously if an accident is involved especially if that accident caused injuries or perhaps even the loss of life. When no accident is involved and the arrest was made only after a random check, often the charges are only looked at as misdemeanors and nothing more. The difference between the two can make the different convictions differ vastly from just a warning to a period in prison and so if an attorney can have any of the more serious aspects dropped, their clients may only suffer a strict warning and nothing more.

The fact that so many people are convicted on Dui charges just goes to show how many people do not hire a professional Dui attorney after having been arrested as many who do hire one of these, get off very lightly. Although there are Dui laws in all states, they can differ from one state to another and so it is, of course, advisable to hire one locally rather than one from another state from where the charge was made. Although attorneys do of course have their cost, considering how serious the charges can be taken, makes them worth every penny especially in the more serious cases.

DUI charges, as with any other types of charges have a strict procedure which the police must follow in order for the charges to be upheld and it is the fact that many police officers do not keep strictly to these procedures which allows many of those people charged to get off, once they have a competent lawyer on their side. Obviously, with DUI charges being the most prevalent in California, there are many lawyers that specialize in defending the culprits and all of them get a lot of experience which helps their future clients.

Although DUI charges can be treated as misdemeanors, none of them should be taken lightly and proper, professional, legal assistance should be sought immediately in order to stand the best chance of getting the charges dropped or perhaps winning a case in court. The sooner an attorney is aware of all the details, the better they are placed to be able to help.

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